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Dr. Sutton’s Bio


Joi Sutton, DVM

Tequesta, Florida 33469
(561) 972-0016


1993 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University
1989 B.S. Biology, Oregon State University

Work experience:

2011 – present:   Founder and proprietor of Jupiter Tequesta Veterinary Housecalls, LLC.

2011 – 2012:   I am one of the medical advisors for American Diabetes Wholesale.  ADW hired me one day a week to write educational articles about pet diabetes and interact with their clients.

2011-2013:   I contracted myself out to clinics in North Palm Beach County and South Martin County as a “relief vet”, filling in when their vets are on vacation or short-handed.

I am the Founder of Veterinary Ventures, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings veterinary care to the less fortunate animals of the world. We travel to 3rd world areas that lack veterinary care and provide large-scale spay/neuter campaigns as well as assist locals in providing sustainable health care for animals. Pictures and details of our campaigns are available at www.veterinaryventures.com. Since 2000 I’ve been on 11 international veterinary campaigns:  5 trips to Cook Islands, one to Bora Bora, two to American Samoa, one to Thailand, one to Peru, one to Mexico.   Our teams might be as many as 20 vets and techs or as few as 4. It is incredibly satisfying work. The host country must provide housing and 2 meals per day for the volunteers in exchange for our efforts. It is the best way to see the world. Vet Ventures campaigns used to span a month, but currently we run shorter campaigns due to the economy.

2007 – 2010:   associate veterinarian at Moreland Veterinary Hospital in Portland, Oregon. During this time I also provided a home euthanasia service in the Portland area. It was a limited housecall practice, giving ill pets a helping hand to heaven.

2001- 2007:   relief  veterinarian in the Portland and Vancouver area (This suited me well as I used to spend 2 months each year doing volunteer veterinary work.)

December, 1995 – December, 2000:   staff veterinarian at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

May, 1993 – December, 1995:   SE Portland Animal Hospital: staff veterinarian, Founder and Director of the SE Portland Animal Hospital Blood Bank (At the time this was the 5th commercial blood bank in the United States.)

My last non-veterinary job was as a sweeper at Disneyland in 1991.

About me:

I’m the happiest veterinarian I know. I thoroughly enjoy going to work. I believe I enjoy our profession so much because I have been involved in many aspects of medicine. I’ve been an ER/critical care vet, a house call vet, a relief vet, and an international volunteer. I am generally a happy person. Someone once told me that I “won the serotonin lottery”.

My goal as a veterinarian is to be the vet I’d want my mother to encounter with one of her pets. I strive to provide superior customer service.

I think my experiences out of the country have been some of the most rewarding as most of those animals would have never received medical care had I not started my nonprofit. I’m a little amazed that over the years 50 to 60 veterinarians and vet techs have followed me to foreign lands, but we’ve had a good time and spayed and neutered a lot of animals.
I like trying new things. I regularly take yoga and gym classes. Last year I took belly dancing, zumba and salsa dance classes. Over the years I’ve taken classes in sailing, pottery, paddling, scuba diving, sky diving, ballroom dancing, etc. I love to travel. I have owned 3 boats, a waverunner, a canoe and a kayak. In 2008/2009 I built a dock at my house along the Columbia River in Oregon. I love sunshine and tropical beaches. In late 2010 I moved to the sunshine and tropical beaches of Florida. I enjoy most water activities. I do my best to walk on the beach every morning. Involving myself in activities outside of medicine brings balance to my life. In 2011 bought a little fixer-upper old Florida home in Tequesta, a town I affectionately call Mayberry.

Like most pet owners I believe my pets are the best ever. They are my family. I have 2 wonderful kitties. They were collected during my travels. Tatoo is from Cook Islands.   Twinkle Toes is from American Samoa.